Each visit lasts an hour and costs 100 EUR.


Whether privately insured or paying for a treatment without a prescription, you must pay in cash or by debit card on the day of treatment.


A quirk of the German health system means that patients receiving a prescription for physiotherapy from a doctor will notice specific physiotherapeutic treatments will be printed on the prescription. A very typical example would be " 6 x KG, 6 x MT". That means 6 sessions of "Krankengymnastik" or exercises and 6 sessions of "Manuelle Therapie" or manual therapy (that is mobilisation of joints). Regardless of what is printed on the prescription the price reamins 100 EUR per session. Below is the breakdown of the costs to compare against what your insurance policy covers.

Home visit - €20 (per visit)

Manual therapy  - €40 (30 mins)

Home exercises - €40 (30 mins)

Massage -  €40 (30 mins)

Lymph drainage - €40 (30 mins)

Treatment without prescription -€100 (60 min)

I would like that you, as a privately insured person, are reimbursed as much of the costs as possible. However, this varies from policy to policy. Therefore, please check before the first treatment to what extent your health insurance company will reimburse the fee. I would like to point out to you that any differences will be borne by you.