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Native English Speaking Physiotherapist in Berlin.

If your German is a bit rusty and you're looking for a physiotherapist (physical therapist for our American friends), then look no further! My physiotherapy practice focuses exclusively on home visits for privately insured patients or privately paying customers. But you don't need to be housebound to avail of my services. Even if you are still fairly mobile you can benefit from avoiding the inconvenience of travelling to a physio practice, finding a parking space or arguing with the locals on the U-Bahn as well as saving yourself the lost time of the waiting room. So if you are looking for the best physiotherapy practice in Berlin near you, then look no further.

My caseload is quite varied but I do treat many sports related injuries such as ankle, knee and hip sprains, shoulder impingements, muscle tears and many more ailments that require sports physiotherapy. I also treat many patients who need post operative rehab whether their injury is sports related, linked to arthritis or from some other cause. Office related injuries are probably the most prevalent cohort that I treat. Whether it is lower back pain, neck tension, craniomandibular dysfunction (CMD), postural headaches or even tennis elbow, I'll be able to treat the issue and advise you on ergonomic solutions for your home office.

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Eoin Hurley

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